Let's face it, health data is often trapped.

It’s expensive and time-consuming to get data out – and even when you can, it can be really challenging to refine it into a usable, meaningful format. That’s why it’s not surprising to us that 75% of all medical communications still remain on fax. 

Through extensive research into the breadth of how health data is typically sought after, our platform extracts health information from fragmented data sources. 

Some of the formats we have worked with include:

  • Cloud agnostic
  • Faxes, Paper
  • EMR/EHR reports from any vendor 
  • C32, Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs, CCDAs), XML
  • HL7-FHIR
  • JSON 
  • Existing, disconnected relational databases
  • Data lakes i.e., RDS
  • Health Information Exchanges

Process records in seconds.

Consolidate cross-platform data

Vendor agnostic and universally accessible.

Feed any existing analytics pipeline

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