Medal Print

Extract data from any EMR in seconds

Health data is often trapped in an EMR or health data system. It’s expensive and time-consuming to get data out and refine it into a usable, meaningful format.

Medal helps you painlessly extract data from any system, transform it into a common data standard like HL7-FHIR, and send it to the secure Medal Cloud – so that it’s ready for wherever it needs to go.

Medal Print

Medal Print is an easy one-click print driver that can extract any data (notes, results) from many data formats (FHIR, CCD, and PDF just to name a few).
  • Get started right away, with no custom integration

  • Install Medal Print to your desktop in seconds

  • Upload any EMR output from any system and securely send it to Medal Cloud with 1-click

  • Each upload transaction is tracked via a HIPAA audit log for compliance and attestation purposes

Send attestations of care delivery and records in seconds.
Data is no longer locked up in an EMR
Medal is fully vendor agnostic and can export from any system.
Feed any existing analytics pipeline

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