Health data with purpose

Forcing healthcare providers and administrators to dig through records and play phone tag is dangerously inefficient and robs patients of the care they need. We can do better.

After our comprehensive extraction and transformation pipelines, our SMART-on-FHIR ready platform has worked towards solving some of the persisting problems identified by our partners and customers:

“I want to be able to search what I’ve been collecting all these years.”

“We’re spending hours on duplicate data entry. It takes time away from my patients.”

“Prior authorization request reviews are taking upwards of 48 hours to reply back to the patient.”

” We receive at least 10,000 faxes a day, and have teams that manually receive and process them.”

“Let’s change how the industry handles data equity.”


Medal App

Our Medal App brings together longitudinal patient data in an intuitive, easy-to-read, nested summary.

  • See data from different institutions and systems – all in one place

  • Drill-down in the original evidence to get the full story whenever you need it

  • Automatically pre-fill forms – no more double-documentation

  • Easily search previously indexed content

Embrace HL7-FHIR data standards

Be able to do a deep dive into a patient's care, longitudinally

Be able to search and find answers to clinical questions

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